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Solar Lease? Just say NO!

Why lease when you can own? Imagine if someone was willing to let you essentially own THEIR roof so you could rent it back to them, when it was rightfully theirs in the first place. Additionally, their decision allows you to hold THEM hostage in the event that they ever try to sell THEIR OWN HOUSE, so that you can absorb most of THEIR profits!

Sound Ridiculous?

It should! Solar lease agreements are designed to maximize the service companies profits and to trap you in an effort to better secure THEIR investment, not yours. The savings they promise are highly speculative and based on about 20 years worth of payments at the end of which, you are likely paying MUCH more per month than you did in the beginning, and the kicker, you have nothing to show for it because THEY own the equipment.

Look over the following comparison table and see why owning a Sun Plug system is not only smarter but also less expensive than, well, the alternatives.

Other Guys Way: You Lease your Solar
THEY TAKE your 30% tax credit.
$0 Down Option: Yes
Typically inefficient low quality devices and materials.
Required lease transfer, makes home sell hard.
Nearly double the cost of owning a system between money invested and tax credit lost.
Other Guys Way(PPA): You Rent Power
THEY TAKE your 30% tax credit.
$0 Down Option: Yes
Typically smaller than a the most cost effective system.
Required contract transfer, hard to sell.
Payment increases at predetermined intervals. Speculates future utility cost.

Own = Good

Lease or PPA = Bad

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