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Reliable and Beautiful

Durability and reliability is of utmost importance to Sun Plug Inc. Fortunately our pursuit of excellence in these areas did not lead us to sacrifice aesthetic beauty. To ensure that the systems we install satisfy this standard we provide our customers the best solar panel modules available, Lumos Solar’s LSX product line.

LSX is the new look of solar. The LSX frameless glass modules easily integrate into any design, adding value and complementing the most exacting architectural demands.

Key design features of LSX include:

*Frameless and low Profile – The low profile nature of our modules (6mm thick glass) sets them apart from any other module on the market.

*Integrated Wireway – Wire management is easy and no longer an issue when aesthetics are a top priority.

*Weatherproofing – LSXSeal has been developed to seal the modules from the elements and provide a solution that will last the life of the installation.

*Integrated Rail System – LSXRail can be fastened to virtually any structure without any additional sub components.

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USGBC Member

USGBC Member

Sun Plug is a proud member of the USGBC.

Lumos Authorized Installer

Lumos Authorized Installer

We are proud to install the best solar products available today.